Validating SELECT Elements with Redux-Form

While I've been pretty happy with redux-form in my React application and while the documentation is pretty darn good, there are a few things missing or at the very least, difficult to find. One particular struggle I had was validation of SELECT elements. I have a data structure with the following initialValues set in my state:

  name: '',
  shortDesc: '',
  group: {
    id: "-1"

I needed to validate 3 things; name exists, shortDesc exists and isn't "-1". The reason's value is in quotes is because OPTION values get submitted as strings.

I couldn't fine anything in the redux-form documentation that talked about validating a structure like this; one with an embedded object. Turns out, however, that it is incredibly easy. Here's my validate function:

export function validate(values) {  
  const errors = {};
  if (! { = 'Enter a name';
  if (!values.shortDesc) {
    errors.shortDesc = 'Enter a short description';

  if ( && == '-1') { = {id: 'Select a Group'};

  return errors;